New Boat: UDIRC Venom UDI002

Caught the bug after having fun with my little one.  This is quite an upgrade, but still a bargain.  It goes 15-18 mph, which is fast enough for its size.  Only turns on in the water, like my small boat, but it actually works perfectly.

[I tried to make the captions more readable, but the site won’t allow paragraph breaks and I can’t seem to change the font size.]


The motor is surrounded by a cooling coil which exits out the left side. The receiver/ESC is sealed in a plastic box ahead of the motor.
The most interesting view to me is the bottom rear. The hole in the upper middle is the cooling water intake. The metal piece at left is part of the water switch. The brass prop shaft housing acts as the other part. The black blade-like things on each side are keel fins. They help it carve through turns without it spinning out. The square metal tabs are trim tabs. They can be adjusted to help keep the boat oriented right, and probably also enhance stability and cornering. The rudder is interestingly offset to the left on this boat. Not sure why, except that it was easier to mount the steering servo.



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