Tiny Shells and a Wing

Found the shells in the yard, and the wing years ago.  I took shots in RAW (uncompressed mode) and jpeg in order to compare the difference.  I converted the RAW photo to a .tif using LZW lossless compression.  I compressed the jpeg version to 10 percent, as I do with the photos I post here.  I’ve taken closeup looks at both photos, and I can’t spot a difference.  I don’t understand it because there are obvious quality advantages to RAW in reviews of the camera.  But anyway, enjoy the pictures.

Well, I’ve found that the tif is too large for this site to accept, and it doesn’t even recognize the format.  So only the jpeg full-size version is here.  But the crops will show.  Note that there will be differences in color and white balance between the two because I custom edited them.  And by the way, the tif is 38 MB and the jpeg is 5).


The jpeg crop:


The tif crop:


I also have other version of this using HDR and the flash.  The flash revealed a barely-visible detail about the wing.  But that’s for later.


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