SR-71 engine and walk-by video

Someone wanted to see this.  The video has no sound because I cut it due to the obnoxious auto-focus.



Heat lightning fireworks show

I wanted to get these photos up, but I also took video.  We witnessed this phenomenon a few weeks ago, but I could not get my camera settings right.  I did this time.  Although my camera had trouble getting the white balance right.  I even tried to correct for it, but the 2nd photo is the most accurate to what I was seeing.

Okay, videos are up.  The camera was not able to capture the ambient light well, so the videos are dark.  I think it’s because I was running at 60 fps instead of 30 in order to capture the fast lightning.

DSC_0680b DSC_0677b DSC_0683b DSC_0682b

Richmond airport museum, part 2

A lot of this stuff only interests me, but I’m posting it anyway in case others appreciate it. This isn’t really the order I wanted these in, but I realized it too late.  Moving pictures around breaks the site, and I don’t want to delete them all and lose my captions.

These tabs are to straighten the airflow over the wing to reduce the risk of stalls. This was a military training jet, I believe, so they probably did that to be a little more forgiving to new pilots.
Some widget on an SR-71 jet engine
An airspeed measuring sensor, I believe. *Correction, this is a generator. The benefit of this design is that it still provides power to critical things like instruments even if the engine and/or battery dies (although I’m not sure if planes had batteries in the 1930s).
I like how the cylinders are offset like that. I believe it was to allow the engine to be shorter, and to allow more even cooling.
That big gray donut behind the prop is an exhaust manifold (it collects the exhaust and directs it out the exhaust pipe. Very unique design.
I thought this was just a really photogenic old plane, even though function was the primary factor in the design.

DSC_0602b DSC_0611b DSC_0624b DSC_0623b DSC_0614b

Backyard nature


The tree pics have some weird blurry aberrations because of a cheap macro lens add-on I was using, but I figured it gave it kind of a psychedelic effect.  The last one is my favorite because it took a while to capture it the right way, and it paid off.  It looks like it’s looking at me, but those aren’t its eyes.

Trying to evolve

I’ve realized that I largely shoot documentary-style photos.  Which are liked by many, and are my preferred style.  My photographic philosophy is largely to capture and represent the world how it is, not some amped-up fantasy.

But I want to try to be more creative, because documentary-style photography can be uninteresting to some, especially if the subject matter doesn’t interest them.  Also, because that’s what most people do with their cameras; document their lives, so photos become little more than evidence that they have been places.

I want people to be interested in subject matter that they may not have been interested in before, or at least not as interested.  I think that’s what a true artist does, even though I would never consider myself as such.