Spider and its meal

Captured a spider in the yard.   Was just wandering around and did the best I could without a tripod.  The spider was about 3/4ths of an inch across.DSC_0338_filtered


Festival photos

Lots of local food vendors and animals.  And an old fashioned hit-and-miss engine.  Pictures for now.  Check back later for videos of a rooster crowing, the engine running, and the spinning wheel spinning. Also ducks being ducks.  Oh, I also tried frog’s legs for the first time.  The were bbq’d and dry, chewy, chicken-like, with a hint of pond.  Didn’t care for them at all, but I bet if I ate them French style I would.DSC_0292b DSC_0317b DSC_0310b DSC_0307_1b DSC_0305b 20150517_172710