Second try at the abandoned house

DSC_0198bDSC_0201bDSC_0203b    DSC_0193b DSC_0190b DSC_0189b DSC_0187b DSC_0195b DSC_0185b

I’ve tried to arrange these to make sense, but it’s a pain.  Anyway, the top pictures are of the front of the house.  The first one is a regular single exposure. The second one is HDR, which looks more like what the eye sees.  The 3rd is looking inside the front door.  There was a connected garden shed full of gourds and bottles and things.  There were a couple of remains of dollies on the front deck, which were kind of interesting.

*For me, when I click on some pictures it takes me to the wrong ones.  I’ve trashed the first post because of this, put the problem persists.  I have no idea what to do.

*Everything seems to be fine now…

*I’m adding some pics that I’ve altered with the cameras’s software.  The software pulls detail out of shadow and makes the pictures more natural looking, kind of like HDR.  Notice how the inside of the house is better exposed and the top of the second one isn’t so shadowy.

CSC_0207b CSC_0209b


2 thoughts on “Second try at the abandoned house

    1. The house entrance faces a large field. I figure they probably farmed the land. Looks like it’s been abandoned for 20 years or more. The road behind it is new, but was probably a dirt path before. I’d like to go inside it to find out more, but I’m nervous. It kind of looked like people may be using it for storage or something. People drove by and didn’t mind me taking pictures, but they might get more suspicious if I go inside. I don’t intend to take anything though, even if it’s valuable. I’m sure a developer owns the land and will auction off anything valuable, so I would be stealing from them.

      There’s another house only about 500 feet from this one that I want to look at, which I think became abandoned in the past couple years. I suspect it’s just old people who die off and have nobody to leave anything to, or developers buying them out to build suburban neighborhoods, which are right next to these houses.


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