First abandoned house

Not much came of it. Windows covered, no entry. There were plates sitting out in the kitchen, but I couldn’t get a good picture.  Didn’t take many pictures.CSC_0139b


And here’s what the current style dictates these should look like, which I admit has its appeal as it gives the house a grittier look. CSC_0139b2


Messing around in Paint Shop:



Tex-Mex pumpkin soup

First pumpkin soup recipes I’ve seen of this style. Sounds good.

Tried this recipe, and it was good, but I made the following changes:

1. I reduced the cumin by a quarter, but even then I and my dad felt it was too much. I would recommend reducing it by half and add more to taste.
2.In lieu of jalapeno peppers, I used Sriracha. Turned out great.
3.I added some smoked paprika, which gave it a light roasted flavor.
4. The soup was great as is, but I chose to add about 1-1 1/2 cups of heavy cream for richness, and it helped mellow the cumin and spiciness.

Moon and Venus again

Plus a 30-second sky exposure. These are straight from the camera, so will be slow to load. I believe the sky is bright because of light pollution, and the glare of the house. I love how the camera picks up the otherwise invisible disk of the moon. It glows from light reflected from earth.



Google+ has this feature called Auto Awesome that will take your photos and automatically enhance them. It creeped me out at first, but it created this cool animation of several of the pictures I took: